The Untouchables (Part 1) – Episode Review

By Desilu Playhouse, Episode Review


Airdate: April 20th, 1959
Written by Paul Monash
Based on the novel by Eliot Ness and Oscar Fraley
Directed by Phil Karlson
Director of Photography Charles Straumer
Music by Wilbur Hatch
Narrated by Walter Winchell
Produced by Quinn Martin
Executive Producer Bert Granet
Starring Robert Stack, Keenan Wynn, Barbara Nichols, Pat Crowley
Special Guest Star Neville Brand

“Chicago, 1929. By law the country was dry. Through connivance with Al Capone, Chicago was wet. Even now, while Al Capone served a short term for carrying a gun in Philadelphia, the organization functioned smoothly, helped by corrupt officials and a public that was indifferent. Social headquarters of the mob was the Cafe Montmartre. This night, the night of June 17th, 1929, the gang was to encounter its chief adversary: a Prohibition agent named Eliot Ness.” Read More

Introducing The Untouchables Retrospective

By Podcast
On October 15th, 1959, ABC Television and Desilu Productions unveiled “a new kind of series” called The Untouchables and rocked American audiences out of their suburban living rooms and into Chicago’s Prohibition streets with the battle of Eliot Ness and his incorruptible agents against the criminal forces of Al Capone.

Join us on The Untouchables Retrospective us as we head to Desilu Studios to explore an overlooked chapter in film and television history and examine the cultural and artistic impact on what was the most violent, expensive and acclaimed television show of its time.


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