The Gang War – Episode Review

By Episode Review, Season 3


Airdate: January 18th and May 24th, 1962 Written by John Mantley Directed by Paul Wendkos Produced by Lloyd Richards Director of Photography Charles Straumer Co-starring Victor Buono, Bruce Gonion, John Kellogg Featuring Ed Nelson, Joe di Reda, Peter Forster, Anne Whitfield, David Faulkner, Paul Birch, Claudia Bryar, Dal McKennon, Wayne Heffley, Paul Dubov, Lou Krugman

“Prohibition, 1932. The City of Chicago was consuming alcohol at the rate of 32 million gallons a year. These figures are incredible, but they are documented: 86,000 gallons a day. It was manufactured in everything from massive distilleries to grimy bathtubs. It came into the brawling city by truck and motor car, by pop bottles and pipeline. All of it was illegal. Most of it was bad. Some of it was poison. A mere trickle, less than 1 % of this staggering total was the finest liquor money could buy, the purest Scotch and rye whisky. It came from Canada. For the speakeasy proprietor, who would assure the silk stocking trade of a steady supply of imported Scotch, the rewards were enormous, but the risks were even greater.”

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The Canada Run – Episode Review

By Episode Review, Season 3


Airdate: January 4th, 1962 
Teleplay by Barry Trivers and Harry Kronman
Story by Barry Trivers
Directed by Bernard McEveety, Jr.
Produced by Lloyd Richards
Director of Photography Charles Straumer
Special Guest Star Simon Oakland
Co-starring Arthur Hill, Bruce Gordon.
Featuring Dabbs Greer, John Alderson, Than Wyenn, Michael Hinn, Paul Bryar, Gene Roth. 

“On a cold November afternoon in 1932, The Chicago Bears ran the opposition dizzy, bringing to the Windy City, the professional football championship of the world. Beneath the stands, a different kind of game was being played, for much higher stakes. The contestants: Joe Palakopoulos, offense; Danny Cougan, defense. Cougan was a cautious man, always accompanied by his bodyguard. But today, he did not hear the opening whistle.”  Read More