Season Two Episode Guide
(1960 - 1961)


The Rusty Heller Story

In this stellar Second Season opener, beautiful and ambitious Rusty Heller (Elizabeth Montgomery) moves in to capitalize on Eliot Ness’ war on Al Capone by ascending the social ladder of mobsters eager to win her affection. Paul Picerni joins the cast as Untouchable Lee Hobson.

Jack "Legs" Diamond

Eliot Ness descends on New York to corner a shipment of dope traffic, which Jack Diamond intends to hold ransom as he plans his exit from the mob.


After his father is killed during a raid, a teenager targets Eliot Ness with a personal vendetta as the Purple Gang threatens to muscle in on an elusive whiskey operation in Chicago.

The Waxey Gordon Story

As the beer baron of New York expands his criminal empire into New Jersey, Eliot Ness is called in to thwart his operations.

The Mark of Cain

As drug addiction becomes front-page news in Chicago, “Little Charlie” Sabastino is ousted from his role as a dope peddler and targets the Syndicate for retribution.

A Seat On The Fence

The underworld reduces Chicago’s legal drug supply as a diabetic gangster’s tenuous grasp on his operation is threatened by a neutral reporter and an incriminating letter.