City Without a Name – Episode Review

By Episode Review, Season 3


Airdate: December 14, 1961 
Written by John Mantley
Directed by Paul Wendkos
Produced by Lloyd Richards
Director of Photography Charles Straumer
Co-starring Paul Richards, Mike Kellin, Bruce Gordon
Featuring Theodore Marcuse, George Keymas, Vic Perrin, Joseph Breen, Harvey Stephens, William Boylett

“1933; the most violent era in the history of America. Chicago exploding with crime; New York, a city of terror. St. Louis, Detroit, New Orleans, Kansas City, and almost every big town across the country, corruption, and violence were reaching an all-time high. The outstanding exception: an Eastern seaboard metropolis which even now must remain unnamed. A city which had used the ballot box to blast corruption out of public office. Federal agent Arnold Weybright had managed to keep the bloody finger of organized crime out of the city without a name, but, at 9:42 AM October, 22nd…”
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Mankiller – Episode Review

By Episode Review, Season 3


Airdate: December 7th, 1961 
Written by Sy Salkowitz
Directed by Stuart Rosenberg
Executive Producer Alan Armer
Director of Photography Charles Straumer
Special Guest Star Ruth Roman
Co-starring Bruce Gordon, Anne Helm
Featuring Grant Richards, Mario Gallo, Mario Alcalde, Jay Adler, Joe Scott

”In July of 1934, acting on a series of telephone tips, Eliot Ness and the Untouchables, with the cooperation of local police, moved in on Chicago’s narcotics racket. The illegal sale of dope was slowly being strangled. Despite the continued fall-off in sales, on August 4th, Frank Nitti prepared to receive fifteen kilos of heroin, the largest shipment of narcotics ever to be imported at a single time.” Read More