The Ginnie Littlesmith Story – Episode Review

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Airdate: May 17th, 1962
Written by Leonard Kantor
Produced and Directed by Stuart Rosenberg
Director of Photography Charles Straumer
Co-starring Brook Byron, Don Gordon
Special Guest Star Phyllis Love
Featuring John McCliam, Harry Swoger, Marlene Callahan, Leonard Strong, Toni Tucci, Barnaby Hale, Jeno Mate, Barbara Pepper, Linda Evans.

“May 17, 1932. Free soup kitchens were a common sight on the streets of the depression-ridden country. But this one, located in Chicago’s skid row area, was not the usual kind. This soup kitchen was the false front of a luxurious illicit establishment run by twice-convicted white slaver Chiz Goshen. Goshen’s partners, a powerful nationwide vice ring known as ‘the Group,’ were represented at Goshen’s place by Bick Cassandras. Bick’s record of arrests began with penny ante misdemeanors and ended with big-time crime.” Read More

The Case Against Eliot Ness – Episode Review

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Airdate: May 10th, 1962
Written by George Eckstein
Directed by Bernard L. Kowalski
Produced by Del Reisman
Director of Photography
Co-starring Bruce Gordon, Jeanne Cooper
Special Guest Star Pat Hingle
Featuring Cliff Camell, Frank Wilcox, Joseph Turkel, Shirley
Ira, Bruce Anderson, Robert Palmer, George Murdoch, Robert Bice, Bruno Ve Sota, Ed Tontini, Chris Carter, Sid Haig, Martin Clark

“In 1933, the City of Chicago became 100 years old. To celebrate the occasion Chicago planned a birthday party and invited the world. The name given to the festivities was the Century Of Progress. In other parts of Chicago however, the civic anniversary was being celebrated in a different manner. On the night of March 4th, 1933, the three Endicott brothers, the joint holders of various franchises at the Century of Progress, spent their last night on Earth.” Read More